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Folder_XP_1.07.exe - File Information

Folder XP-File-Folder_XP_1.07.exe-Information File Name: Folder_XP_1.07.exe
Product Name: Folder XP
Company Name: Luu Minh Triet
Company Downloads: Luu Minh Triet

This site provides information on software developed by Luu Minh Triet. Click the appropriate links to find information on support, product manuals and technical assistance for Folder XP (if available). This site also provides information to download Folder XP deleted or missing Folder_XP_1.07.exe. The following is a list of files related to Folder XP.

The trial, demo, or open source version of Folder XP is available at the software manufacturer Luu Minh Triet's website. Torrents or cracked versions of Folder XP are not available at this site. For Folder XP recommended downloads, please click the links below.

Company : Luu Minh Triet

Product Version: 1.00.0007
Part Number: 7

Original Filename: Folder_XP_1.07.exe
Internal Filename: Folder_XP_1.07
Download: Download Folder_XP_1.07.exe 

Product Major Part: 1
Product Minor Part: 0
Product Build Part: 0

File Major Part: 1
File Minor Part: 0
File Build Part: 0

Key: 1.00.0007
Language: English (United States)

Related Information:
Software: Folder XP
Distribution of the cracked software versions of Folder_XP_1.07.exe is illegal and against the copyright laws. Using a crack, Folder_XP_1.07.exe serial numbers, Folder_XP_1.07.exe registration codes, Folder XP key generators is illegal. Please support Folder XP by purchasing the full version of the software.

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